Dental radiographic imaging

AJAT’s offerings for dental radiographic imaging consist of products for both extra and intra-oral applications. The extra-oral sensors include both panoramic and cephalometric modalities based on high efficiency CdTe detectors. Our intraoral technology is based on ultra-high resolution silicon direct conversion technology.

Industrial applications

– In-line inspections / Automated X-ray Inspection(AXI)
– Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

AJAT offers products suitable for both in-line scanning and Computed Tomography (CT) applications in various industries and in the field of research. Applications where our products could be used include among others:


– Composite and turbine inspection


– Tyre, part and weld inspection

Chemical & Energy

– Heat-exchanger, turbine blade and general weld inspection


– In-line inspection for foreign objects, packaging defects and general quality control

– X-ray guided processing systems (for example fish cutting)


– PCB, BGA and component inspection both in-line and off-line

Oil & Gas (Welds)

– Weld inspection


– In-line inspection, small animal CT