Dental radiographic imaging

AJAT’s offerings for dental radiographic imaging consist of products for both extra and intraoral applications. The extra oral sensors include both panoramic and cephalometric modalities based on high efficiency CdTe detectors. Our intraoral technology is based on ultra-high resolution Silicon direct conversion technology.

Industrial applications

– In-line inspections / AXI (automated X-ray Inspection)
– NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

AJAT offers products suitable for both in-line scanning and computed tomography (CT) applications in various industries and in the field of research. Applications where our products could be used include among others:


– Composite and turbine inspection


– Tire, part and weld inspection

Chemical & Energy

– Heat-exchanger, turbine blade and general weld inspection


– In-line inspection for foreign objects, packaging defects and general quality control

– X-ray guided processing systems (for example fish cutting)


– PCB, BGA and component inspection both in-line and off-line

Oil & Gas (Welds)

– Weld inspection


– In-line inspection, small animal CT