AJAT’s digital sensors and sensor technology has been incorporated in a plurality of applications, ranging from industrial, dental and general radiography.

Professionals in all of these sectors have benefited from the exclusive performance with regards to speed, sensitivity, clarity and resolution, signal to noise ratio and contrast.


ARISTO - Ultra High Resolution Sensor

ARISTO is a high resolution self triggering X-ray sensor designed for small field of view imaging. High resolving power is achieved with an ultra fine pitch...


DIC102H - Industrial sensor (tube to tube-sheet weld inspection)

DIC102H is a highly specialized sensor designed for tube-to-tube sheet weld inspection in heat exchangers. The unique layout of the detector area combined with a special...


SCAN300FL - Industrial sensor (weld inspection, industrial CT, NDT)

SCAN300FL is high performance CdTe-CMOS sensor for narrow xray beam applications such as scanning or helical CT based products. The temperature controlled enclosure provides maximum image...


SNAP450 - Industrial sensor (weld inspection, food inspection, NDT)

SNAP450 is an ideal solution for scanning and helical CT X-ray applications requiring larger imaging area. The CdTe based sensor technology combined flexible imaging software provides...


SNAP100x2 - Industrial sensor (weld inspection, industrial CT, NDT)

SNAP100x2 is a flexible solution for soft X-ray (<20 kVp for 0.75 mm CdTe) to hard X-ray (320+ kVp with 1.4 mm CdTe) imaging. The larger...


SNAP225 - Dental sensor (panoramic, cephalometric)

While the SNAP225 is a sensor well suited for dental X-ray imaging system in both panoramic and cephalometric modalities both in fixed and moveable sensor configurations,...


SNAP150 - Dental sensor (panoramic, cephalometric)

SNAP150 is a compact X-ray sensor designed for dental panoramic X-ray imaging and other narrow beam X-ray applications requiring the 150 mm active area. Gigabit Ethernet...

We are operating under certified ISO 13485 quality system.